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2015 posts music, wellbeing, video, books, diet, health.

music, wellbeing, video, books, diet, health.

The Book of Dave - Will Self
dystopia, psychology, religion, satire, Will Self,

Keith and Julie Tippett youtube video
female vocals, improvisation, Julie Tippett, Keith Tippett, music, piano,

organics, soul and planet
books, Earth, organic, soil, soul,

supermarket luxury lies
advertising, diet, health, wellbeing,

consumerism, happiness and creativity
consumerism, creativity, meaningful, poems,

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths
education, meaningful poems, poems, psychology,

The Last Witchfinder, James Morrow
books, fiction, religion, witches,

learning Russian / Cyrillic alphabet
books, education, language,

William Dalrymple - From the Holy Mountain
books, religion, spirit,

2015 posts
books, music, poems, fiction, wellbeing, Tibestian Book of the Undead (!), etc

The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age - Nathan D. Wolfe
books, epidemics, health, virus,

Nutrition in Essence - food education book
diet, nutrition, popular science, video, wellbeing,

Wilt - Tom Sharpe
books, funny, satire,

Electric car charging in Manchester
electric vehicles, environment, renewable energy,

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon
Asperger syndrome, children, education, fiction, Mark Haddon,

escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness
fiction, freedom, housing, reinventing slavery, satire, TibestianUndead,

Max Bruch - Kol Nidrei video
Max Bruch, music, spiritual music, video,

These Days - Jackson Browne
acoustic, guitar, Jackson Browne, lyrics, music, video,

Anna Netrebko - Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Anna Netrebko, female vocals, Maria Pizzolato, music, soprano,

Analog Man - Joe Walsh
alienation, guitar, Joe Walsh, lyrics, music, video,

coral reef destruction, sand lizard revival
biodiversity, climate change, coral reefs, environment, lizards, popular science,

Kurt Vonnegut - cats cradle
books, democracy, fiction, Kurt Vonnegut, projection, psychology, religion, satire,

intelligent birds research and videos
birds, environment, intelligence, nature, video,

Essential Guide to Yoga
books, health, video, wellbeing, yoga,

Maria Callas: The Scala Years
biography, books, female vocals, Maria Callas, music, soprano,

Farewell to Stromness Peter Maxwell Davies
harp, Lauren Scott, music, Peter Maxwell Davies, piano, video,

Carolyn Sampson I know that my Redeemer liveth
Carolyn Sampson, female vocals, lyrics, music, soprano, video,

Nassim Taleb Anti-Fragile
books, Nassim Taleb, philosophy, politics,

Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour
books, education, health, psychology, wellbeing,

Funny Fiction / Stories - Terry Pratchett
books, Discworld, humour, Terry Pratchett,

The Last Kingdom - and beyond
corporations, democracy, matrix, politics, reinventing slavery, video,

Linux Pocket Guide
books, Linux, open source, software,

Solar farms in Egypt
Egypt, environment, renewable energy, solar, solar storage,

non-GMO layers pellets and pond supplies, Bude Cornwall
Bude, Cornwall, GMO, Monsanto, pets, poultry,

Grantchester Grind -Tom-Sharpe
books, satire, Tom Sharpe,

Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs
acoustic, contemporary composers, guitar, Laura Veirs, music, songs, video,

Stone Gods Jeanette Winterson
authors, books, fiction, Jeanette Winterson, photos, video,

Emily Dickinson stood up and lived
Emily Dickinson, meaningful, meaningful poems, poems,

self-healing teeth: dentistry research
3D printing, dentistry, lasers, popular science, wellbeing,

Your Baby and Child - Penelope Leach
books, children, education, psychology,

250 year pear tree in Cubbington blocks new rail line
conservation, environment, transport, trees,

Tales From Topographic Oceans – Yes
guitar, music, rock music, Steve Howe, Yes,

"Rhythmesque"; Sachal Pakistani Jazz
drums, guitar, improvisation, jazz, music, Sachal Studios, sitar,

Sachal Studios' Take Five
drums, guitar, improvisation, music, Sachal Studios, sitar, video,

So long, and thanks for all the fish - Douglas Adams
books, dolphins, Douglas Adams, humour, satire, video,

TalkTalk excel themselves
corporations, literacy, satire, TalkTalk,

Chaos - James Gleick
books, Chaos, James Gleick, mathematics, physics, popular science,

The Philosophers Apprentice - James Morrow
books, fiction, James Morrow, philosophy, psychology,

Genesis Live
Genesis, guitar, music, rock music, video,

Molly and the Muslim Stick David Dabydeen
abuse, books, David Dabydeen, family, fiction, psychology,

Inherited wealth - Jens Beckert
books, capital, democracy, matrix, politics, sociology,

The tragic consequences of corporate food and corporate media
advertising, corporations, obesity, wellbeing,

optimum excercise for middle age
ageing, arthritis, corporations, diet, exercise, matrix, wellbeing,

Night Watch - Terry Pratchett
books, Discworld, humour, Terry Pratchett,

Vitamins and diet for busy people
antioxidants, diet, fat, health, vitamins, wellbeing,

Consciousness - The World in ones Head
consciousness, fiction, satire, TibestianUndead,

Vitamins and Minerals Overview
documentary, food, popular science, video, vitamins, wellbeing,

longevity in Sicily
exercise, longevity, Mediterranean diet, Sicily,

Brad Mehldau
Brad Mehldau, jazz, music, piano, video,

Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6
animation, Blender, books, open source, software,

Judith Weir - composer
contemporary composers, flute, Judith Weir, music, opera, piano, video,

Solar PV - clean energy, wobbly finance
batteries, environment, renewable energy, solar, solar storage,

A Night Away - Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau
Brad Mehldau, guitar, music, Pat Metheny, piano, rock music, video,

Parenting - 2015 in the UK
children, corporations, education, mass media, matrix, poverty,

Robin Trower - About to Begin
guitar, lyrics, music, Robin Trower, rock music, video,

Thomas Morley - April is in my mistress' face
classical music, harmony, lyrics, madrigal, music, Thomas Morley, video,

The role of beer in civilisation
antibiotics, beer, health, history,

Major health diet threat to US citizens
agriculture, books, corporations, diabetes, lobbyists, obesity, popular, wellbeing,

Beer is heart healthy (in moderation)
alcohol, beer, popular science, wellbeing,

optimum nutrition and poverty
corporations, documentary, poverty, video, vitamins, wellbeing,

Jo Lawry jazz vocals
Dominic Miller, female vocals, Jo Lawry, music, photos, Sting,

Jo Lawry Madison Square
Dominic Miller, female vocals, jazz, Jo Lawry, music, Sting,

Creativity, surveillance, stereotyping and more
corporations, creativity, stereotyping, surveillance,

Ogden Nash Duck
ducks, Ogden Nash, poems, whimsy,

PHP code for valid date time in RSS feed
code, open source, PHP, RSS, software,

Corporate satire 1 - Yuppy executive under pressure
consumerism, corporations, fiction, junk food, satire, yuppy,

Cat Food - King Crimson
King Crimson, lyrics, music, poems, rock music, satire, songs, video,

Hélène Grimaud piano and wolves
classical music, conservation, Helene Grimaud, music, photos, piano, wolves,

computerised cars and alienation
alienation, consumerism, DIY, individual, transport, video,

Love is the Seventh Wave - Sting
love, lyrics, meaningful, music, Sting, synchronicity, video,

Individual freedom versus corporations
corporations, freedom, self-reliance,

Heavy Metal Music soothes the savage breast
music, popular science, psychology,

Return of the Ravens
birds, environment, photos, wildlife,

Craig Ogden – Guitar
acoustic, classical music, Craig Ogden, guitar, music,

Landscapes poems by T S Eliot
birds, landscape, nature, poems, T S Eliot,

Strange Fruit - Jeff Buckley
acoustic, guitar, Jeff Buckley, lyrics, music, video,

Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy Jr
acoustic, contemporary composers, guitar, lyrics, music, Sufjan Stevens, video,

In Search of the Edge of Time - John Gribbin
astronomy, books, John Gribbin, physics, relativity, space, time,

electricity storage, corporations and death
books, corporations, environment, renewable energy, solar,

optimum food for free range hens - sprouting wheat
agriculture, books, freedom, poultry, self-sufficiency, vitamins,

Usk - T S Eliot
landscape, patience, poems, T S Eliot, wisdom,

Maria Callas – Otello: Ave Maria
classical music, lyrics, Maria Callas, music, opera, photos, popular, soprano, video,

grass carp farming
agriculture, books, carp, fish, food, grass carp, photos, popular, self-sufficiency,

photo of bee in Yam flower
bee, environment, flowers, insecticides, photos, yams,

Vanished Kingdoms - The History of Half-Forgotten Europe
books, corporations, democracy, history, matrix, Norman Davies, politics,

Resveratrol for health
ageing, antioxidants, diet, health, resveratrol, wellbeing,

diet and brain health
ageing, dementia, depression, diet, health, popular science, protein, wellbeing,

Individual versus dogma - Harraga
books, Boualem Sansal, conformity, fear, fiction, meaningful, psychology,

poems In Memory
Henry VanDyke, memory, pets, poems, time,

creating healthy eating habits in childhood
children, diet, health, lifestyle, wellbeing,

TTIP = corporate domination of governments
corporations, democracy, lawyers, matrix, reinventing slavery, TTIP,

Trumpet vituoso Alison Balsom
Alison Balsom, classical music, music, trumpet, video,

Tom Waits – Day After Tomorrow
lyrics, music, Tom Waits, video,

pasty upgrade beats supermarket
corporations, food, matrix, self-sufficiency, value for money, wellbeing,

Globe skimmer dragonflies
biodiversity, conservation, dragonfly, environment, photos,

the diet rules that don't waver with fashion
cholesterol, diet, insulin, lycopene, sugar, vitamins, wellbeing,

Bad advice is freely given
brainwashing, corporations, education, fiction, freedom, matrix, satire, TibestianUndead, vampires,

Ah, Sunflower - William Blake flowers, poems, sunflower, time, William Blake,

healthy diet versus corporate power
corporations, diet, GMO, matrix, popular, protein, wellbeing, WHO,

Nanny Oggs Cookbook - Terry Pratchett
books, Discworld, Nanny Ogg, Terry Pratchett,

Chocolat – Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche
books, Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche, photos, video,

The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
books, exercise, fitness, video, wellbeing,

Make your own LED lights
DIY, electronics, LED, physics,

Democracy and money
corporations, corruption, Lawrence Lessig, lobbyists, matrix, meaningful, politics, popular,

cosmological standard model news
astronomy, cosmology, dark matter, galaxies, physics,

Quantum Physics Beginners Guide
introduction, physics, quantum physics,

Particle Physics - Brian Martin
particle physics, physics, quantum physics, quarks, relativity,

Food for Free - Richard Mabey
books, environment, health, Richard Mabey, self-sufficiency, wellbeing,

Virginia - T S Eliot
landscape, poems, T S Eliot,

The Shortest History of Europe by John Hirst
Europe, Germanic, Greece, history, psychology, Rome, war,

What Dark Matter?
astronomy, dark matter, physics, relativity,

Diet and obesity
diet, exercise, health, obesity, wellbeing,

Herbs for health
environment, food, gardening, gardens, health, herbs, self-sufficiency, wellbeing,

Unusual black hole at centre of atypical galaxy
astronomy, black hole, galaxies, physics, space, waveicles,

Mud, glorious dirt ... and healthy bacteria
bacteria, environment, food, health, immune system, wellbeing,

Monsanto mission
environment, glyphosate, GMO, Monsanto, reinventing slavery, Roundup,

aurora discovered in nearby constellation
astronomy, galaxies, physics, space,

wellbeing through exercise ... for your dog
arthritis, exercise, muscle mass, pets, tai chi, wellbeing,

diet, insulin resistance and Alzheimers
Alzheimers, diet, exercise, health, insulin, wellbeing,

all I need is a room somewhere
banking, buy to enslave, fiction, housing, learned helplessness, monopoly, Rothschild, satire, TibestianUndead,

Bilderberg and Transparency
Bilderberg, conspiracy, democracy, Guardian,

exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation for a healthy body and soul
diet, exercise, health, individual, relaxation, wellbeing,

Raspberry flavoured

Intel to 'open source' Stephen Hawkings operating system
disability aids, Intel, open source, Stephen Hawking,

nutrition, poverty, solutions
health, popular, wellbeing,

Monsanto Years-A Rock Star bucks a coffee shop
corporations, matrix, Monsanto, music, Neil Young, satire, video,

Corporations monopoly plan: land and food - forever
corporations, environment, matrix, monopoly, popular, reinventing slavery, video,

healthy diet and poverty
#unplugged, advertising, corporations, diet, education, health, matrix, poverty, video, wellbeing,

Social media beats corporations advertising at supporting diet health
advertising, corporations, diet, health, matrix, reinventing slavery, Social media, wellbeing,

poem with illustrations

Libido in the young and old

Sugar tax to fund healthy diet promotion v obesity
BMA, diet, health, obesity, sugar, wellbeing,

We the sheeple....
#unplugged, GMO, Monsanto, rap, reinventing slavery, satire, video,

fiction sociology hybrid - admirably illustrated by MD (Managing Director) MD (Marty Downs)

Soil Association Organic September
agriculture, biodiversity, environment, food, gardening, gardens, health, organic, wellbeing,

for 5 year old boys

photos of gardens and flowers
environment, flowers, gardens, photos,

Undead, part 2: power, freedom, denial
denial, fiction, freedom, mathemusician, power, satire, TibestianUndead, vampires,

Healthy, unprocessed diet includes natural fats for wellbeing
diet, health, monounsaturates, polyunsaturates, popular, wellbeing,

Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing
advertising, corporations, food, matrix, psychology, wellbeing,

Superfoods don't advertise (wellbeing, nutrition v corporations)
advertising, corporations, diet, health, longevity, matrix, nutrition, popular, popular science, superfoods, vitamins, wellbeing,

Get yer hands on some yams!
diet, health, minerals, vitamins, wellbeing, yams,

The Tibestian Book of the Undead
fiction, popular, satire, TibestianUndead, vampires,

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