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2017 posts - psychology, fiction, singing, awakening

2017 posts - psychology, fiction, singing, awakening

Breeding goldfish in your garden pond
ecology, fish, gardens, hobbies, nature, self-sufficiency,

disproportionate representation North Cornwall
democracy, pathological wealth, politics, psychology,

Conspicuously Absent from UK Election
children, economics, pathological wealth, politics, psychology, sociology,

Lesson in manners whilst moving house
fiction, funny, satire, snobbery,

View from the hill
advertising, alcohol, alienation, consciousness, consumerism, creativity, transport,

Where inspiration comes from, and how to destroy it
children, education, intuition, meditation, psychology, wisdom,

A Ridiculous Hypothesis
innocence, productivity, psychology, wisdom,

Politics for a mature species ...
children, denial, education, pathological wealth, politics, psychology, sociology,

alcohol damaging children in UK
alcohol, children, denial, education, health,

wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, understanding quote
consciousness, quote, wisdom,

The Passport is in the Heart
children, consciousness, denial, heart, poems, wisdom,

Inequality in Europe as % of GDP
pathological wealth, politics, poverty,

Heaven and Hell - Community Values. Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b)
alcohol, community, fiction, psychology, satire, TibestianUndead,

Wholeness and Driving - Undead Diary chapter (2x +1)
fiction, projection, psychology, satire, TibestianUndead, wholeness,

My Funny Valentine Ella Fitzgerald
chords, female vocals, guitar, lyrics, meaningful, music lessons, piano,

diet myths and common sense
advertising, diet, nutrition, obesity, popular science, 
idollartry political satire
awakening, fiction, hope, idollartry, pathological wealth, politics, revolution, satire,

bees, pesticides and pollination
agriculture, bees, biodiversity, ecology, pesticides,

Individual versus dogma - Harraga
books, Boualem Sansal, conformity, fear, fiction, freedom, meaningful, psychology, religion,

healthy diet and poverty
advertising, corporations, diet, documentary, education, fast food, freedom, health, matrix, poverty, video, wellbeing,

The Firm: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
books, exercise, fitness, health, popular, video, wellbeing,

Global Atlas for the Blind
disability, disability aids, education, popular, popular science,

creepy parking ... and piles satire
consciousness, fiction, psychology, relationships, satire,

The Cranberries - Zombie terrorism as projection of conflict
consciousness, female vocals, guitar, hope, music, peace, projection, psychology, rock music, singing,

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  1. satire, biodiversity and freedom - a hopeful start to this year


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